Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Temple Student Government Tickets Announced

At Monday's State of the Campus address, a monthly presentation led by student government president Nadine Mompremier, the tickets for next year's presidential offices were announced. Each ticket is made up of three candidates; the President, the Vice President of External Affairs, and the Vice President of Services. Here is an introduction and background on each candidate. Check back soon for an analysis of each ticket's platforms, credibility, and strengths and weaknesses.

TU Dream Team

President: Gaelle Amazan
VP of External Affairs: Kevin Gerard
VP of Services: Alex Barnett

C&W down low: Amazan, a junior, is this year's allocations chair, meaning she is the boss when it comes to student orgs getting their money. She has been diligent in her position, and commands respect from the student org leaders. Except for a few who she may have isolated, this should help her among student orgs, who make up the majority of students who vote. She is also a sister of a sorority, possibly giving her Greek support.

Gerard, also a junior, is a senator in the student senate, and is one of the more vocal and well liked individuals there. He is probably the biggest vote drawer within the senate. He was also part of TSG's General Assembly, and was part of the constitution building. He has also been active in the student org S.O.C.A., or Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness, so he could draw support from that organization, one of the largest on campus.

Barnett, a sophomore, has been involved with TSG for both of his college years. Last year he attended General Assembly meetings and worked as the elections commissioner. He is viewed as a bit of polarizing figure, as he is outspoken, so one either agrees with his convictions or disagrees with his methods.

TU Action facebook
President: Kylie Patterson facebook
VP of External Affairs: Anthony Leyro
VP of Services: Jon DeSantis

C&W downlow: Patterson, a Junior, is a committee chair in the Senate in charge of academic affairs. She has spent a considerable amount of time this year working on critiquing the advising system. She is the most ambitious of the candidates, as she is always vocal in the senate and was recently selected as a finalist for the prestigious Truman Scholarship Award. Patterson is also a member of Temple Gospel Ministries, an RA, and a graduate of the Leadershape prorgam. Her conviction in the senate will draw mostly positive support from them, but she has limited experience with student orgs.

Leyro, a junior, works in TSG as the treasurer, but is relatively unknown within the Senate. He is also a member of a fraternity, so he should draw strong support among the fraternities in the Divine Nine, or the historically African American fraternities on campus.

Desantis, a Junior, has a history with TSG. He was the parliamentarian for the now-dissolved General Assembly last year, but focused more on his position as secretary for the Temple University Greek Association this past year. Desantis is also a brother of a fraternity, so he has the potential to draw strong support amongst the Interfraternity Council (social fraternities), as well as some of the multi-cultural fraternities.

Check back for further critiques, coverage, and endorsement of the tickets.

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