Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Part 2: Recap of the VP debates

At this point in the debate, the questions switched from a back and forth between the candidates to a simple Q&A between the moderator and one of the candidates

Question# 1 to Barnett- "Your platform says you will mobilize student orgs to get more involved in TSG. How?"

Barnett said something about fraternities and their philanthropies, and then resorted to his bread and butter about the website and interest groups. No points, nothing new and nothing really about getting the student orgs motivated to participate.

Question #2 to Leyro: "Your platform says you will get local politicians on board to help build more community. Explain."

Leyro answers that Patterson has worked in city hall and knows people close to Nutter and a few other reps from Philly. He states that Temple doesn't have control over local neighborhoods and that we need to talk to local community leaders. +1 Leyro. Doesn't really state the how but his recognition of the fact that Temple needs to address the community and that Patterson has some contacts in center city are a step ahead of where we are now.

Question #3 to Gerard: "Your platform states you will get the different schools involved in more decisions by the administration and TSG. How will you do this?"

Gerard explains that he knows of an article in the constitution that says student councils in each college have the right to be heard, specifically by exercising their right to assemble deans and administrators to hear their concerns. He will work to form a student council in each school. +1 Gerard, having student councils to represent each schools interests would be great. Making them aware of and encouraging their exercising of the right to assemble deans and administrators to hear their concerns is even better.

Question # 4 to Leyro: "What does it mean to be a good neighbor in the local neighborhoods?"

This is referring to the Good Neighbor policy, a new initiative by one of the offices on campus to improve relations between Temple students and the community by being better neighbors. Leyro responds by saying he attended the community meeting last week, and that Temple students need to introduce themselves, help elderly with garbage, and make sure they aren't being noisy." Leyro +1/2 Leyro got stuck with a weak question here, as any person could think of what it takes to be a good neighbor. He didn't get into any specifics, and while he attended, he didn't speak in last week's meeting. However, he answered the question and does recognize Temple students need to be more aware of their neighbors and make a better effort, so he is awarded half a point.

Question # 5 to Gerard: "Interest in student government has been limited. How would you make voices matter and bring them to TSG?"

Gerard responds that he is a big proponent of open forums, outreach, and advertising. Gerard goes on to repeat the same schpeal about communication and connection, and stated that if people knew TSG was the man with the plan they would come and be more active. No points awarded. TSG does advertise, and the often do have a plan, but student interest is limited. This offered no innovative approach that wasn't already discussed.

Question # 6 to Desantis: "In your platform, it says you want to increase the presence of the arts on campus. How?"

Desantis starts off by saying that Tyler is here now, and as is evident by their Trojan horse, they kick ass. He continues to say they want to paint a mural, and are already considering locations such as Barton and Beury. He wants to offer free tickets for the shows as a service, especially handing them out at TSG events and meetings to encourage attendance. +1 Desantis, a mural would kick ass, and free tickets to the arts is a way to increase awareness for the arts and attendance at TSG meetings.

Question #7 to Barnett: See question 4

Barnett states that communication should be increased and students shouldn't be afraid to reach out. There should be a good neighbor agreement signed and presented. points.

Question #8 to Desantis: "What makes you different from the current administration, Owl V.O.I.C.E.S.?"

Desantis states that VOICES has done a great job this year, by offering services such as the shuttle to south Philly. He wants to continue the trend of great services. However, they are different because they want to bridge the gap between the three branches of government, as they have kinks and don't collaborate enough. More communication is needed. +1 Desantis, there are very few to no initiatives that the three branches, or even 2 of the 3, work on together. Recognizing this fact is important.

Question #9 to Barnett: SAME!

Barnett responds that Dream Team is loaded with new ideas, and new services, and their main difference is passion! "Passion is what holds us together, we have passion, passion holds us to our responsibilities." No points. Didn't really say anything tangible and the current administration has passion, sorrrrry.

Question # 10 to Desantis: "How will you increase attendence at TSG meetings?"

Desantis states that he will use the bell tower for more meetings, and will have co-sponsored events and programs, so that more people are inclined to show up. He wants to have TSG events more in the heart of the day so more people are available. Zero points, meetings are held there sometimes, but most of the year it will be cold so that isn't feasible. Plus, we already went over why having meetings during the day wouldn't work.

This concluded the Q&A section of the debate. After this, the floor was opened to the audience, but scoring stopped since an even amount of questions were not guaranteed and neither were unbiased questions. Plus, this reporter had class and had fallen off the sugar high from his quarter Insomnia cookie. Final score for this round:

TU Action: 3 & 1/2
TU Dream Team: 1


Anonymous said...

Great job scoring. The debate was really close, but in the end, TUAction gave different and real answers. It seemed TU Dream Team said the same thing over and over again, and half of the time, it had nothing to do with the question being asked. I hope for tonight's debate, you do as detailed a job in detailing their responses and also pay attention to if their responses actually answer the question.

Anonymous said...

I agree, great job with your debate reporting. It was not only funny but insightful. As someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two the way I see it is as follows. TUAction! Is like the sleek sexy sports car you blow your money on. Then when you get it home you realize that it only has a four cylinder engine (not what you thought) its parts are older, its valves are busted, it leaks, and it doesn’t actually take you anywhere. While TU Dream Team is like my first car. A little rough on the exterior, but dependable. It may not be some picture perfect vehicle, but it is the vehicle that will get us students to where we need to be. That is to suggest that if TUAction! Wins the student body better be able to get some good insurance.