Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Craziest week of all time..almost over!

So I remembered today that I started writing a blog. Whoops. The past week has been so eventful that it was hard to remember to eat so much as write a blog. The Phillies are the world fucking champions. The whole story behind that is a beautiful thing.

On a personal note, the Phillies have done nothing but kick ass for me this year. Before the season even began, I bet my New York Yankee-loving friend $10 the Phillies would beat them in the World Series. I lost $10 dollars, but that is of no fault of the Phillies. In my 10 regular season appearances, I went 9-1, including Werth's 8 rbi game and Pat Burrell's game-winning extra inning shot. Thanks guys. By the time they got to the playoffs, I was skeptical, but knew we had the right kind of team to win it. You've got deserving veterans in Pat Burrell, who was booed for years, Jamie Moyer, who grew up 20 miles away dreaming about the World Series, and Geoff Jenkins, a man who's onetime promising career seemed to be drifting away.

You've got the young guys, Hamels at 24, Howard not much older. You have the leaders in Chase "Fucking" Utley and Jimmy Rollins, and the role players in Dobbs, Stairs, and Lidge. Every name in this line-up had their moment in the post season, everyone contributed a piece to the puzzle. Now they are World Champions.

On another note, Philadelphia is buzzing. The celebrations were amazing. Unfortunately, my broken finger hindered me from going as nuts and climbing as many things as usual, but it was kind of nice for a change to see the madness from sidelines. I still came away with some freebies ;-). I watched the parade from 30 feet up in a tree next to City Hall. Watching that parade go by and hearing the deafening roar of 1 million people is something I don't anticipate ever forgetting.

Oh yea, then there was Halloween. The scene was fantastic at Temple this weekend, with the week's buzz carrying over into Friday and Saturday nights. I don't think there was a single person without a smile on their face, except for the occasional beers-and-tears girl. Just walking around Philadelphia over the week and weekend proved what a Championship can do for a city. The joy stretched across racial and economic boundaries, and I noticed a lot more friendly hellos and high-fives between individuals who usually would pass by each other without muttering a word.

As if all that isn't enough, the election is tomorrow(today). But I'll put that two cents in a seperate post.

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