Saturday, December 20, 2008

Students living in Yorktown escape eviction

Temple students who are living in Yorktown and were served eviction notices caught a lucky break the other day, as reported by Basically, the landlords involved are taking the city to court, which nullifies the eviction notices until May 30th-after the spring semester is over. Good news for the 60 houses involved. As for leases next year..... watch out.

Hey's Yorktown. Thanks WHYY!

For those who didn't know, 60 some Yorktown houses rented by Temple students were served eviction notices earlier in the semester. Yorktown is the neighborhood between Oxford and Girard and 13th street to 10th street. Basically, community residents got fed up with Temple students in their community and pressured Darrell Clarke, our city council rep, and therefore the city itself to start enforcing a law from 2005 that says students can't live there. Check out the article.

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