Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Mid-Summer Night's Post

Did you look twice?

I know, I know, we said we would maybe do some Sunday postings through the summer. Our bad. As it turns out it feels pretty hermit-like to sit indoors and blog when you could be out running around, enjoying some of that sweet, summery, north philly air. (oxymoron)

Alas, we've got quite a few things to update you on so here it goes.

Cherry and What news

So we're looking ahead to fall and will certainly be keeping the same, good 'ol half-assed reporting as always. We will begin daily posting the week before classes resume, including a nice, juicy semester look-out.

In terms of new stuff, we are working on a potential collaboration with a certain Temple media outlet, and we're also looking for new writers. If you're interested in Temple happenings and consider yourself a pretty savvy writer, get in contact with us and we'll give it a shot.

Starting this fall the Cherry and What will also be bringing you a Sunday morning podcast, tentatively titled T for hungover U, which will be a recap on all the big and entertaining Temple news from the week before, as well as a weekly look-out.

Summer Campus News

So the big story here, as you may of heard, is the currently ongoing state-funding/not-funding/tuition hike/not hike battle. C&W experts have broken this down using a very sophisticated diagram.

On second thought, that diagram is actually kind of confusing. Basically the state is broke, Rendell needs to cut costs so he said Temple, PSU, Pitt, and Lincoln are not priorities because the state cannot fully control their tuition (aka not a big deal but just something to justify saving money with). In response Temple had a meeting and decided not to raise tuition and keep it at a 2.9% increase, that is until the state actually follows through on the cuts.

TSG has been hard at work on this issue, as you probably saw in about half a dozen e-mail/ facebook messages, and started a letter to the state campaign for which they got 3,000 signatures. I got a letter back from a state rep that went on about why they were doing it, and could have saved a lot of ink and paper by just saying "Piss-off."

In other summer news, be sure to check out for Temple news since they are the only ones pumping stuff out during the summer months. Of interest is the student blogs they got going on, which may or may not be written by people you have seen walking around campus.

In other news, construction, construction everywhere.

As you can see the new hillel building at 15th and Montgomery is on it's way up, hopefully with a different color paint before all is said and done.

And here is a picture from Iraq, no I mean Arizona...noo I mean the turf field. That's right, brand new turf baby.

And here is a funny picture of a campus map showing how the architect of Alter Hall would have liked to redesign campus around his new, big, economy-stimulating baby.


So there are some sports to update you on.

First, Christmas didn't get drafted into the NBA. Boo. However, many analysts said that was actually better because he would get to choose a good option for him. Hooray. Except that save for one real good game with the Sixers' summer team, he kinda really stunk it up, severely hindering his stock. Boo. Unless some team really wants to take a chance, it could be Christmas time in Europe.

In good Temple b-ball news, next year's schedule has been released, and it kicks some ass. The highlights are an awesome out-of-conference home schedule: Siena, Penn State, Villanova, and Kansas. Some good out-of-conference away games: Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Seton Hall, St. John's. And also a very favorable in conference schedule, where we play the likes of Xavier, Dayton, UMass, and St Joe's at the Liacouras Center.

Also, don't forget that football home opener against Vilenova at Lincoln Financial Field. There is quite a buzz about this year's football team being bowl-worthy, and it should definitely be a battle worth seeing against the Wildfats.

So that's all for now, thanks for continuing to check back during the summer, sorry for the lack of posting, and we'll be writing again before tooo long. Maybe.